New: Education USA Resources For U.S. Higher Education

Education USA is a service of the U. S. Department of State and is a network of over 200 advising centers located in over 170 countries. It markets U. S. higher education to international students, and assists U. S. HEIs to accomplish their international recruitment and campus internationalization strategies. Education USA leverages in-person as well as online engagement to educate millions of students and thousands of U.S. HEIs annually.

International education is not only a priority, but also a foreign policy priority, as stipulated by the recently released Joint Statement of Principles in Support of International Education by the U. S. Departments of State and Education. The network’s most important target group is the U. S. higher education sector, and will increase home country address to key stakeholders such as institutional heads, academic staff, student affairs staff, and others as well as seek to serve more of the over 3 900 accredited U. S. HEIs. Current/planned activities include:

These includes Education USA Fairs, Forums, and Events.

Education USA Forum is our flagship annual event convening advocates for education in Washington, D.C. to present findings and data on international students in the United States from our worldwide network of advisors. All year round, Education USA extends invites to the U.S. higher education community to participate in home and overseas events such as the Regional Forums, student fairs and other events to help create linkages between U.S. colleges and universities and international students.

Education USA Seminars: and NEW; Dialogues

That is why Education USA Seminars and newly developed Dialogues could help expand and enhance Education USA’s domestic messaging and engagement with the U.S. higher education institutions. Our Seminars focus on one of two themes: 1) expanding the pool of U. S. HEIs that admit international students and the variety of these institutions and; 2) ensuring the quality and effective implementation of opportunities for international students within the campuses. Building on the success of Information Sessions, Education USA Dialogues – a new webinar series – will reach out to a larger audience within the international higher education community and address issues relevant to the success of international students such as Internationalization of Campus Curricula, Coordinated Effort Across Campuses and National Support for International Education

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