Cute Mİschevious Cute Animals,dog/dogs A German Shepherd Loves a Tiny Puppy

A German Shepherd Loves a Tiny Puppy

Thank you so much for sharing this video — I’ve watched it 3 times and love it! I’ve never seen such a beautiful, gentle giant like your shepherd! He seems to be watching and taking care of the new baby! Best Wishes!Que lindos os dois! Rock e carinhoso e cuidadoso com o 🐕, esse filhote é uma gracinha mesmo! Saúde e paz pra todos!Rocky siempre Rocky, protector y Shepherd!. Como lo indica su nombre, guiador y protector de su rebaño y sus hermanitos y papis. Es todo un German Shepherd!.Una dulzura el chiquito. A D O R A B L E.Deberás cuanto amor. Tiene este perro hacia los. Pequeños el ya es viejito o y todo su amor a los gatitos este al perrito sabe q va a sufrir por eso da mucho amor al perrito Dios lo cuideSo, we’re back to this puppy. This must be an older video, not previously shown. He doesn’t look like any full breed that I’ve ever seen. He was very cute as a puppy; I’m curious to see what he looks like, now.Watching Rocky on YouTube gives me so much pleasure. He always puts a smile on my face . I think we all love Rocky and everyone should be so thankful for these clips being shared . I see Rocky as one of the family and I wish I could give him one big hug and a kiss . 😘😘😘

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