Cute Mİschevious Cute Animals,dog/dogs Amazing Dogs Meet Newborn Babies First Time | Dog Love Baby Video Compilation

Amazing Dogs Meet Newborn Babies First Time | Dog Love Baby Video Compilation

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They can sense how protective of babies we are and instantly reciprocate those feelings. They say they first sniff them curiously then lick them tenderly is so preciousI love how the dogs just instinctively go to the babies’ nose to check and make sure they’re breathing.. Dogs are honestly a gift from the heavens ❤Dog: “Hello new dearest human. From this day onward I will watch over and protect you from anything trying to do you harm. I will help keep you warm when you sleep, I will faithfully carry out your commands, I will play with you whenever you want to and I will love you unconditionally every day. I am your dog.”Never ceases to amaze me how tender dogs are with babies. They are curious but at the same time they sense this is a helpless being that needs protection. I know there are other animals that make great pets, but for love and affection, it’s dogs and there’s no contest.This is so incredibly sweet! I love how happy, curious and fascinated these dogs are when they first meet their tiny “human-puppy” siblings. When we brought my daughter home from the hospital my three dogs went and sat by her crib and just stared at her and didn’t leave her side! They really are the best thing in the world!1:00 i feel like this is the ideal way to introduce you pet to your newborn…a stable, controled environment making sure that you and your spouce are both calm(dogs are very emotionally perceptive, if you’re excited or afraid your dog will know and likely will become excited/afraid too). A firm but only faintly restrictive hold on your pet.Dogs: Look, I know we just met, but I just couldn’t be more excited to protect you and look after you every day for the rest of my life. I kind of love you just as much as your mom and dad. If you need anything, I’ll be laying right next to you, for um, here on out.I remember when my daughter was born. I sent the little hat she had when she was born home with my husband. He said our dog slept with it all night. When we brought the baby home she was so excited she leaped into the air like when she was a puppy then spun around in a circle for about 10 minutes. The dog never got in the baby’s face, instead she had a fascination with sniffing her little feet. The dog loved/loves my daughter and my daughter loves the dog.

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