Cute Mİschevious Cat/Cats Baby kittens fight over their mother cat’s boobs

Baby kittens fight over their mother cat’s boobs

lol You can already tell who Mimi’s favorite triplet is. Two of them are squabbling while one is just peacefully cuddling with mommy.How precious! Also, two of the babies have tiger-like patterns on their face like Big Sister Kiki! 😍 all three are incredibly adorable! And Mimi is such a great mama! 🫶🏽That was the cutest and funniest thing l’ve seen in a while Mimi has 8 boobies and the fur babies are fighting over one ahahah, Mimi looks much more rested today. God bless everyone ❤Es encantador ver a mamá Mimi con sus hijitos y a Coco y Kiki con ellos, pero espero que no se repitan los partos ni de Mimi, ni de la ya jovencita Kiki, porque no se trata de esperar más nacimientos para mantener el canal. Que conste que yo he seguido con ilusión el desarrollo de Kiki, pero espero que no se abuse de las gatitas por motivos comerciales.These babies are so beautiful, they make my heart melt. Mimi is ever an aware mother, making sure her little ones have everything they need. I hope she is doing well, we all care about her and these babies. Thank you for keeping us up to date with Kiki and her babies’ health. At :52, the little one cuddling into Mimi reminds me of Kiki. 🙂 I didn’t realize little kittens could fight. 1:34, wow. lolThank you for the update and I am glad Mimi is doing better after birth recovery 🤗💜 please consider castrating (neutering) Coco now. Mimi cannot handle another birth and Kiki is at risk when she starts going into heat. Coco does not know better that Kiki is his daughter so Kiki is at risk. Please address this and get Coco neutered ASAP 🙏My heart can’t take this anymore Mimi it’s such a great mom and she’s beautiful as ever and her kitten is to die for so cute thank you for the updates did oh 2 babies start fighting already how adorable 😍😍😍😍

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