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Bernese Mountain Dog Meets Newborn Baby Brother

It’s obvious that Benny means well, it’s just that he’s sooo big and excited. I was a nervous wreck watching, but Benny is already learning the rules. It’s all so brand new to him.Very well behaved dog. He didn’t use his paws near the baby once, even though he was excited. Excellent introduction.Benny says, “OH BOY! I heard from the other dogs in the neighborhood that these tiny humans throw ALL KINDS of yummy food on the floor!”I loved how he jumped up at the carrier but sat when mom stood up with the baby. He’s going to be such a good dog with your child.He’s very scent oriented, he’s for sure in love with the smell of the newborn. It’s a smell we all love so for Benny he’s in doggie heaven. Good job keeping him grounded while he’s excited.Congrats guys. I can see Benny loves him once he sniffed him. He’s going to guard that kid like crazy. My Bernes love my nephew and always kept a eye on him.Yes, so good that they’re giving the dog tons of attention too…it’s always SO important to keep that in balance to show that every member of the family is valued, cherished, & loved!💞 It makes ALL the difference!😊This is just beautiful 🧡 such a cute and beautiful dog with so much love for the baby already you can tell. Watching this makes a day 🥰 how sweet!What a good job these nice parents did with introducing the dog to the baby. My daughter and her husband did the same thing. They had three dogs and they all accepted the ‘new baby’ – their son who has never known a day without dogs. Well done!My Bernie Kodi is so awesome with my grandchildren he is like a babysitter watches them like a hawk ! He wants to be where the kids are but when they were this little he would lay right near them like he was on guard duty alerting us when they cried . And with our 5 grand children their ages ranging from 10 to 5 months old he is different with each one he knows to be more gentle with the little ones but knows he can play tug of war with the older ones but still not as hard as he would want to play with an adult it’s amazing to see him this way … so Bennie is gone to be a good big brother

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