Cute Mİschevious Cat & Dog,Cute Animals Brave Husky Finds a Box Of Abandoned Kittens And Adopts Them

Brave Husky Finds a Box Of Abandoned Kittens And Adopts Them

Banner you are a beautiful and wonderful dog and definitely saved those kitties lives! Thank you so much. It’s very very hard to comprehend how people can be so evil and cruel, I can’t get my head around it.🥰😻💕Banner is an angel in disguise who went and found those precious 👶 ❤ . I pray the monster who threw them away will meet his own punishment. He didn’t deserve to be called a human. Thank Banner for finding 🙏 those babies!!Banner, this wonderful Husky, is showing human beings to have empathy not like the heartless person who has left to die those kittensAh, thank you, you saved those little fluffy babies! Dogs are so lovely and incredible animals; they deserve all the love of the world.I don’t know how someone can sleep at night. Leaving these beautiful babies in a box to die. My heart breaks. Thank you Banner .It says a lot about the world we live in when a dog has more humanity than the person who dumped these kittens in a sealed box in the woods. People like this sicken me to the pit of my stomach, makes you ashamed to call yourself human. This is why I will always prefer animals and thier company over people.All this dog saw were babies in need, so he did the only right thing! Such a good boy! And thanks to his owner and family to support him in the task to raise this precious souls! 😻💖👍No sé.quién es más hermoso, si el perro o los cachorritos de gatos. Alabado Dios por crear a estos Ángeles que me llenan de Amor y Admiración. Que Él los bendiga por siempre!!! 💖💖💖I’ll never understand how anyone could be such a cowardly psychopath to leave baby animals to that kind of fate. I can better understand the mind of the dog who saved them.Such a beautiful Husky, he reminds me of my King I had many years ago as a kid. Beautiful natured dog that wouldn’t even let my dad discipline me without trying to eat him. He loved everyone and everything but I was his and that’s just how it wasI would love to see more of this beautiful dog! Such a cool and responsible life saver. His human family is awesome to help him to care for the whole bunch of them all the way through to home placement!! 💕

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