Cute Mİschevious Uncategorized Couple brings home a blind shelter dog. Then he surprised them.

Couple brings home a blind shelter dog. Then he surprised them.

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Truly amazing that he has the ability to compensate for his blindness to that extent. He doesn’t need to see himself to know how adorable he is. He’s a love. So cute. ❤Blind animals like Virgil are AMAZING. They quickly learn to navigate around their home, including doorways, stairs, and furniture (as long as it isn’t moved). Most folks won’t even realize they can’t see! All they really need is a loving family, just like those who can see.Virgil unknowingly paid it forward by opening your hearts and home to a blind & deaf foster. Thank you for taking in more dogs as I wish I could do myself right now.💕🐾My little guy Hercules was blind. He was so awesome. When he would go into a new space, he would spend ten minutes “walking the perimeter” – mapping out the location of the walls and furniture in his mind – and then he was good. He moved a little slower and sometimes walked with one side brushing the wall so he knew he was going straight. Other than that, especially at home, you never would have known!So awesome 💜 my Chihuahua started going blind over the years and there wasn’t anything the vet could do. When she fully lost her sight this year I was so upset and worried about what her quality of life would be like. But turns out she’s still Coco except now she just sorta roombas off of stuff sometimes 😂 it actually helps bc when she runs to bite someone’s ankles they can just step to the side a bit 😂

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