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Cute Baby Meets New Baby Kitten for the First Time!

Cute Baby Meets New Baby Kitten for the First Time! Hi friends! A cute baby named Zlata has a new friend – a kitten Sammy. We suggest you watch the video – the first meeting of a baby with a little kitten. We hope you enjoy this fun video. Be sure to subscribe to the channel, leave comments and Like!I just admire how calm and well behaved the baby girl is.Or else other kids would have irritated the hell out of kitten and squish it to death.I REALLY admire how sweet and gentle this little girl is being with such a small kitten. Even with the kitten swiping playfully, she keeps her distance and puts up with it. I wish more adults had as much grace handling animals as this toddler does.Kitten claws are like needles, I’m impressed at how well she handled them! No screaming or inadvertently swatting the cat, she knew exactly how to play with it. Freaking adorable.Lucky little girl. Nothing more wonderful than playing with a new kitten. She’s very good with it too. No grabbing. Very sensitive. Gives it plenty of space. It’s going to be a really nice relationship.Love how the little girl is so gentle with the kitten but also the kitten is gentle too. My kittens weren’t this adorable 🤣 Most people let their kids do horrible things and then film it. This is really cute.That toddler is so gentle with that kitten! And the kitten looks like he’s having a good time playing with her, as well. Too precious!It’s been proven that babies just love other babies. Baby humans and baby kittens or even baby puppies just have this sense of harmony, a sense of nirvana or something so cute and deep at the same time.Interesting that at that age Sammy has already learned how to pull his punches, with his teeth and claws, while play fighting. It took our cat a bit longer. Our cat at that age would climb up my leg and back to sit on my shoulder, until he figured out he was hurting me.

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