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Cute Kitten Reacts to Baby Chickens

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Kitty is so sweet and gentle with the chicks, like she’s practicing to be a real mama cat. Amazing how she knows the difference between a fragile chick and a bat-around toy.they seem to trust her very much. she does seem a bit weirded out by the baby chicks, but definitely not afraid or angry at them. the chicks sure seem to love the kitty as well, as they walk on her, play on her, and sleep on her. they even close their eyes and sing when the cat touches them lightly. overall some wholesome and adorable content.Cuteness overload! That’s amazing that, while still a tiny kitten, she already has so much maternal instinct. I’m just assuming it’s a female cat. If it’s a male I guess that would be even more amazing.This is rather astonishing really, the kitten is so calm, tolerant and gentle with them and doesn’t even bat at them out of playful curiosity.Amazing how kitty 🐱 and tiny 🐥 chick’s snuggling up with each other it’s for the warmth and knowing they’re all safe. The expression is priceless on Kitty’s face so heartwarming seeing something so beautiful with what’s happening in some parts off our world .. Thank you 🙏 too you both for putting a smile on my face. .I have floods all over my area in Sydney and in Queensland. Australia 🇦🇺.Been told too Evacuate few time’s.But the water didn’t come this far unlike many other’s it’s heartbreaking ❤️‍🩹 ..😘🙏🐱🐥

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