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Dad Cat Ignores Tiny Kitten [Try not to Laugh]

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He definately is not “ignoring” his Kitten. He is more like: ” Listen up, Kiddo! I hate to say this twice, got me?”😼He’s clearly sensitive about his tail isn’t he? Also don’t forget he’s probably exhausted from all the work he’s had to do🤣I love the eye to eye “moment” they had in the middle. That kitten was like, “I’m yours! You’re gonna love me!” I relate, as a child I too had to win over some relatives! LOLThis was our house a year ago, complete with the tail twitches. I got our grumpy older cat a kitten and he was just as unimpressed as this one when she tried to engage him!😂 Okay Dad, everyone gets you need a nap. However, you had your fun getting his Mom that way. So, time to man up and play with your little one. Just for a bit. The little one will wear down. Especially after he has his lunch!!🐈🤗🥰For those saying otherwise, this is the kitten’s dad and he is NOT a Calico. See the family’s other videos. What you’re seeing as orange/honey is just a beautiful brown which can be seen more clearly throughout his body on other videos.The adult cat is tri-colored making it a calico. “Only 1 in 3000 calicos that are born are male.” It is Extremely rare for one to be born male and when it happens it can actually be news worthy and has been! Therefore this cat is almost certainly female, but an absolutely adorable and precious video none the less! ♥️Positive feedback loop with that tail — the more the kitten plays with it the twitchier it gets and the more the kitten wants to play with it

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