Cute Mİschevious Cat/Cats,Cute Animals Dad Cat Protects Mom Cat with Tiny Kittens [Cuteness Overload]

Dad Cat Protects Mom Cat with Tiny Kittens [Cuteness Overload]

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Geez Simon looks like such a proud PaPa! Dora looks so content and happy nursing her kits! Great family portrait! Made my day! 😻😻🤙These cute kittens have the most wonderful daddy-cat! 🥰🥰🥰But our papa cat can only hiss🤪Wow! Que familia tan linda, me encanta. Se ven saludables y tranquilos. Transmiten paz y amor. Papá, mamá y los bebés. Adorables 🥰🥰 Simon tan lindo.These baby kittens should be about two months now ! We would like so much to see them running around !My favorite debonnaire handsome Simon with the fruits of their sweet love she-he proudly show to the whole wide world!!😻!Sweet Simon, nice to see our handsome Male Calico again. Is calico kitten male or female? Precious family!Beautiful animal but disgusting channel. Why aren’t you pets neutered or r spayed. There are millions of kitten/cat out on the streets and shelters are full. Yet you can’t be responsible enough owner. Or perhaps you are breeders.Please have all your cats spayed/neutered. Too many unwanted animals in the world. Stop breeding cats, it’s not right.

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