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Elderly Stray Cat Feels Cuddles And Love For The First Time

I read about Barnaby, one of my favourite stories!!! He’s such a lucky cat and his human parents are very lucky to have him too!!This is a heartwarming story. I believe that cats and dogs, heck any animal that’s a consider a pet are people too. They comfort us in times of need, and some even can save the lives of people. Strays need love too, young or old, and they’ll show their gratefulness in their own ways. I know, in December of 2020, someone dropped off a little kitten on my property and my husband found him on our porch before going to work. He wasn’t your typical cat. He was what is called a polydactyl, a cat with extra toes. I took him in and he’s a part of my family. Barnaby is a strong cat to have survived and found his forever home.It’s absolutely miracle as said in another comment that this cat made it this long as a stray. I am so Thankful that this Doctor gave this kitty a loving home and could feel love for the first time. God Bless. ❤️🙏Cats are resilient creatures that can be independent, but they appreciate love and being cared for much more than most people recognize. Barnaby deserved all the love and care he gets!!!This could melt the hardest heart. Dr Sheehan, thank you for caring and being so compassionate to Barnaby. What a love bug he is. I’m sure you are being repaid for your great kindness with all those kisses, cuddles, & looks of adoration from this sweet boy. God bless you.Ah Barnaby is precious. So glad he found his human. Hope he continues to improve and gets well. But now he has lots of love and snuggles. Be happy Barnaby and Barnaby’s dad.This is a nice story. Barnaby must have started out with a loving home or he wouldn’t be so loving and friendly at 15 years of age. Probably had a good owner and the owner passed away and he got dumped and abandoned and then was on the streets for years. That’s what some people just do.

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