Cute Mİschevious Cat & Dog,Cute Animals Family brings home a blind cat. And he keeps surprise attacking everyone.

Family brings home a blind cat. And he keeps surprise attacking everyone.

My ex got a kitten without eyes and it was amazing how extra sensitive his smell and hearing were. Being a kitten he used to tear around the lounge room so just for fun I’d put a cardboard box in the way and watch him run into it. It was funny and certainly not cruel as it wasn’t hurt in any way. The kitten actually knew it was part of a game and kept on doing it and learned to find out where the box was moved to and avoided it nearly every time. It was amazing how smart it was and it loved playing that game.Normally I cry when I see these vids about disabled pets finding their perfect home, but this kitty is a master of adaptation and I’m just so happy for him! Cats are so well suited to a life without sight. Their super hearing and super smell and super spacial awareness and super fast and precise footwork make it so that they can function extremely well without their eyes where we would struggle. This is so incredible. Neuroplasticity is a hell of a drug!We also got a kitten with bad eye infections whose Eyes we couldn’t save despite trying very hard. At first we were very nervous and looked up everything we could find about how to care for him. It didn’t take very long before we found out he wanted to be just another one of the cats. I’ve seen him chase and catch flies so many times we can’t count and he has a unique relationship with each of our other pets and each person in the house, and he loves meeting new people. He navigates the entire house with relative ease and runs up and down the cat trees. Everyone had to learn not to surprise him by rubbing fingers together as their hand approaches him for petting — wasn’t hard since he’d attack anything that he didn’t hear coming. He is amazing! May your kitty live long and happily!Rudy is remarkable ! I have adopted a feral ginger who was given 3 names before we settled on one . First it was Ginger , then Pumpkin and now it’s LOLA . she is the brightest light in our home and a happy reason to open the door with a smile after a rough day . Never fails to amaze me how smart they are !!!

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