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Funny Babies Playing with Dogs Compilation – Funny Baby and Pets ||

It is shocking how high their emotional intelligence is. I mean both the dog and the baby. They are trying to understand each other by paying so much attention. Beautiful!The doggo is so intelligent and observant. He almost immediately rolled over to the other side, sat up, tried to back up and give space to the baby, only got close again with the adult’s direction, and gave kisses before leaning in again. I’m impressed the series of action he took here, such a bright and good-nature animal!!Emma is such a smart Mum. She didn’t immediately pick Nathan up but spoke soothingly to him and let him grasp the fact that Buddy didn’t mean to scare hjm. Nathan figured it out on his own and will grow up to be a happy and well-adjusted child without fear just like his big sister!The way he was instantly on alert when baby brother started crying 🥰 They both just needed a minute, a little bit of space, then everything was fine! Love to see it!I’ve seen a lot of this family’s videos but this has to be one of the cutest ever. You can actually see how sad Buddy is after he realizes what he’s done. The love he showed towards Nathan was so genuine. Great job Buddy!😊

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