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Funny Cat Reaction to New German Shepherd Puppy

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The moment my cat met my new pitbull, the cat literally started to meow almost like a howl and immediately began climbing all over the dog like the dog was the most fabulous creature on the planet. The dog was thrilled. 12 years later, they are still best of friends.It’s just like watching Rocky when he was a puppy 🥰, Jessie’s got his facial expressions and mannerisms as well 😀This is sooo cute!! I love your kitty and that pup is beautiful, love those ears!! Love your babies lots and lots! Time goes by soooooo very quickly!!!! JoannieAww! D innocent puppy is a new entrant in d house and wants to know & make friends! But d cat is scared! Poor cat! Both are so cute and I pray that they make adorable ‘siblings’! God bless them!Jessie is so eager to make friends with Dora… 😋💞🐶. Kitty just needs to observe from a safe distance ’cause dos doggies can be a whittle scary at first… 😽🧐🐶😋🥰. They’re well on their way to becoming good friends!! 😁😽♥️🐶👍🤗

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