Cute Mİschevious Cat & Dog,Cute Animals Funny Cat Reaction to Puppies [Dora sees them for the First Time

Funny Cat Reaction to Puppies [Dora sees them for the First Time

That is a well behaved and patient cat… I think the cat knows that these are not threatening animals and displays the appropriate amount of caution and acceptance. Kudos to the puppies for also seemingly exercising a bit of restraint as well :)So cute. The puppies always wag their tail to indicate good intentions. The cat realizes that they’re toddlers ♥️♥️♥️Just put our dog down yesterday he was 18 years old & while I get the whole “at least he’s not in pain anymore” it doesn’t make it any less difficult losing a family member after 18 years is one of the toughest things to go through. Now I’m consoling myself by watching doggy videosI love these little short legged puppers. They are adorable. Are they part Corgi? Or Pomeranian? Maybe Chihuahua and Dachshund? Hard to figure out. They just look like mini shepards. Sweet! I love how puppies always smell like gravy and how they grunt and make baby noises when you hold one. Where are y’all located? Are you going to adopt out the puppies?? Also. Love love love Bailey and the Bermese Mountain dog (I forgot his/her name). They are just beautiful inside and out.The cat understands the puppies are just babies. So cute. I just wish I could have a dog to love. If I ever get my own home, The FIRST thing I will do is rescue at least two dogs, any breed, mixed, age, size💞That’s a very mellow kitty if this is the first time seeing the puppies. They’ll find out who the boss is soon enough regardless. And then everyone will be friends.The cat knows their age, so to speak, which is amazing perception. Had these been small adult dogs, the kitty might have regarded them as a threat, but he/she is mellow with these babies.I have a wild cat coming to my house daily and she looks just like that (the calico one)!!

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