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Funny Kittens Reaction to Golden Retriever Puppy

It’s amazing how these kittens snuggle up to Mia, feel safe around her and then they fill her with affection… I think it’s because she lavishes love! Is she Bailey’s daughter? If so, she inherited the love that exists in his DNA! 🥰💕💓They are thinking is this our mommyor is he our new playmate probably alittle bit of both but they will be greatbodyguards for Bailey ❤️How envious am I ! That has to be the most desirable home to live in on the planet! Love that beautiful puppy and precious kitties! ❤Me encanta ese cabezón que tiene Mia. Parece como bovedita, jajaja. La quiero mucho a Mia. ¡Que lindísima!Que precioso es ver tanto amor entre gatitos y cachorrito rompen el mito de que perros y gatos no se levan bien . 🤣Hermoso video.Pero…. dónde y cómo está Teddy? Den alguna noticia de él, por favor🙏💔, lo quiero mucho y es duele mucho ver su canal sin vida. Duele mucho💔💔😔. Gracias.I had a Golden who died a couple of years ago aged 10* from cancer and he was just so tolerant, that when we had our JRT when he was only a couple of years old, she would jump on his back and tear his fur and dig, but he didn’t even blink an eye. We called him Sunny, because of his sunny disposition. He was so great with children too. He was always happy and we so miss him. These dogs have a permanent smile. 😮As we already know, the cheeky little orange cat seemed to love all dogs’ ears and mouths, especially those of the two goldies❤🐾😽😂That’s why Mia and Bailey were always thoroughly licked clean by their little friend😋😻 By the way, where is the number four? Did the kitty already had a new home at this time?La hermosa Mia voltea como diciendo: “mamita no alcanzo a subirme a la cama, me ayudas? Quiero estar con los gatitos” Y el gatito blanco con amarillo: “hermanita Mia que linda y sabrosa estás, voy a urgar en tu orejita, me dejas? “

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