Cute Mİschevious Cat & Dog Funny Puppies Reaction to Cat

Funny Puppies Reaction to Cat

I love the dynamics. They look at each other, one puppy looks towards the camera as if to say ‘What shall I do?!’ One puppy is closer to the kitty and they both look at him. The kitty moves over a bit and looks away like the puppies did. The kitty yawns as if she’s bored. The puppies sniffs the kitty and the kitty leaves. 🤭They seem to know on some deep instinctive level, this is something not to be messed with! Especially the blonder puppy…. 💕The pups are scared and wary of the cat…..even the normally rambunctious one…they know they can’t take the kitten for granted 😂The puppies were comical. I was watching the cat to see if it would get aggressive or hiss at them or something but it just pretty much sat there calm as can be. It was a cute video.My cranky stepdad, who passed away 13 months ago, would always say, “I’ll take a dog or a cat over a human any day.” Watching this video, I can’t say he was wrong.That cat is so chill. Usually in these scenarios, the cat is the one trying to avoid the pups. But the cat don’t mind at all and even became a catloaf in front of them 😂.

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