Cute Mİschevious Uncategorized German shepherd Giving birth to 9 puppies – (First Litter)

German shepherd Giving birth to 9 puppies – (First Litter)

Omg, they are all so precious! ❤️ Eva is such a good mama and I just know that those pups will grow up healthy and strong. 💪🏼 So precious , can’t imagine the pain , but Eva pushed through that like a champ! 💖I wish Eva and her puppies the best.❤️Thank you so much for filming the births and showing us how she cares for them. She’s a natural – her first litter and she takes care of them like a pro!Amazing to see that she watches the people help clean the puppies but yet had a watchful. It’s amazing how mother nature kicks in and she instinctively knows what to do. They look gorgeous at 20 days Thanks for sharing.I have lived through this amazing moment, my female had 2 litters and now is possibly pregnant with her final one and it is just amazing to see the puppies being born and growing up

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