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German Shepherd Puppy Meets Cat for the First Time

This cat was soooo patient with the puppy despite not feeling comfortable at first at all. Must have understood that it’s just a giant baby. ☺️You can already tell, that these two are gonna be just fine! They’re bonding quite well together. Not even past the first day, and they’re (Almost!) like peas in a pod!They are both so beautiful and good natured. Look how quickly they accepted each other and became friends! People should learn from this, animals tech us acceptance and living together in harmony.Simon as cool as a cucumber, treating Jessie’s playful mauling with the calmness of a Buddhist monk 😄 I’d like to see Jessie meet the other puppy I hope you still have 🙏Man that is such a chill cat. I really appreciate how chill he was to make this video enjoyable. Our adult cats hated our puppy. But we got a kitten and she loved my dog because she was introduced to her from a young age.Both are adorable. I was looking at the size of the paws on the puppy – that is going to be a large dog! Good thing there’s such a sweet nature in that pup, you may end up with a really big lap dog 😁❤️The pup is adorable but Your cat is the sweetest. I can tell he has been taken care of very well just by how he reacts to the new puppy and the patients the kitty has. Most cats would smack and hiss or run away, but your cat was cautious at first but trusted you enough to make friends with the pupper in a matter of minutes. Very sweet cat

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