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German Shepherd Puppy Meets Golden Retriever Puppy for the First Time!

These two babies are so cute. It didn’t take long before they both were playing happily together. So fun, thank you for sharing your puppies!I swear there is nothing cuter than German Shepherd puppy ears……always one up one down , like their permenantly confused 😂😂🐶OMG this is TOO much for me, I´m gonna pass out from all the cuteness if I watch the whole video!!Just lovely. Mia is a bit skeptical at first. And Jessie is very interested. She is happy about a new puppy: “Hi, wanna play with me?”☺❤🐾This is so darling… ☺️🐕‍🦺💞🦮. I just love the moment Mia goes from cautious with tail tucked under, to happy wiggly tail and romping around freely with her sister Jessie!! 😁 These two are gonna’ be such great friends, Yippee!! 🥰Love how the GR grows a little more comfortable throughout the video. At first, it has its tail between its legs, probably disconcerted by this new strange dog, but after a while it starts to wag a littleAnymore else think they are the cutest fluff balls together? I could watch them all night. Bless this world for giving us these precious little darlings ❤💕❤💕❤💕That puppy is probably feeling the most welcomed that he/she has ever felt before. Then I notice that they’re both puppies. Both pets are excited, actually. That new puppy is overwhelmed, too, it appears. Good timesjessica is so funny and curious about new sibling…she is very much interested to make a bonding with the little one…on the other hand, mia is so introvert and confused about jessica…but no one of them got annoyed or ferocious with anyone…both are very loving and tuned to make a strong friendship…god bless the both always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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