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German Shepherd Puppy Reacts to Tiny Kittens

A young German shepherd puppy knows to be gentle with tiny kittens .Wish there were more children like this who don’t bully those who are weaker .Good training for Floppy Ear😄 Jessie is learning to be gentle and nice to the tiny ones👍Her cute face expression: “Should I wash them or play with them? 🤔🥰❤🐾Jessie is a good soul. ❤ She is a GSD with the special character. So, it’s good, that she grows up with kittens, little bunnies and other weaker animals. One day, she will be like Rocky who respects other animals. Please remember: once, Rocky wanted to eat „Baby Chim“, but he didn’t.Pero que cosa más hermosa. Mi German Shepherd nacida para ser una Shepherd nata.La amo tanto.Sus expresiones, sus orejas y la lengüita tan característica de todo German Shepherd. Hay nena gracias por tu chispa, Jessie eres preciosa.Dog is thinking, “why don’t they want to play”. Cat’s are thinking, “where is my mommy”? In the wild, the kittens would have been a high protein snack.I understand the concern for the kittens, but, I’m sure the person behind the camera would intervene if there was a problem.

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