Cute Mİschevious Cat & Dog,Cute Animals German Shepherd Reacts to his Dad Cuddling Tiny Kitten

German Shepherd Reacts to his Dad Cuddling Tiny Kitten

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The way Rocky carefully sneaks around the two and watches dad cuddle the kitty, just cute. Rocky asks:”May I touch it too?” 🤗 Lovely dog 🥰🐾 ❤Of all the German Shepherds I’ve known (and seen on videos), I like Rocky the best 😍. What a sweet character he is! A lot of credit should be given to this family for providing such an ideal home for all the pets. Your videos never disappoint.Now Rocky is really a good boy, because he doesn’t want to eat the kittens and baby birds anymore he wants to play, luv himRocky is a happy dog who knows he is an important member of the family. I’m guessing Rocky assumes that the kitten is going to be another member of the family, and Rocky wants to help with the kitten.I suspect Rocky gets even MORE fun attention when he is gentle and nurturing, and Rocky is CLEARLY happy to do what he can to make the kitten happy. What a great dog!Por favor, amo mucho a Rocky y quisiera verlo con Jessie actualizado. Se encuentran bien? Quisiera ver a la preciosidad de Jessie, como está ahora. Gracias😄😍.Typical sibling rivalry…..hey Dad, I’m still the firstborn here, give ME some cuddles and kisses too. 😍😘❤️ They are are simply beautiful, enjoy, love and care for them always.

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