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Golden Retriever Dad Babysits His Puppies

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Nothing can be as sweet as a Golden Retriever Dad babysitting his puppies. My Golden Retriever met his 11 puppies for the first time some time ago, so naturally he had to try himself as a babysitter for his puppies. Babysitting 11 pups is definitely very challenging, but my dog did his absolute best, do you agree?Imagine if we were able to harness the kinetic energy of puppy/dog tails? We’d never have to worry about energy needs again.Now that’s a real “gold mine” treasure trove there Mr.Golden Daddy! I would gladly ‘puppy sit ‘ all eleven of them for you if you ever need a little break.🐾🐾👍So adorable. I hope each puppy gets a good bill of health when they get a check up from the vet because they’re all adorable balls of fluff. Leo is a good dog dad and Tiger is a great uncle and babysitter

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