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Golden Retriever Meets Funny Kittens

e look on Bailey’s face says it all, and he’s still smiling as the grey kitten is playing with his tail! Have a beautiful day everyone!🐕 😸 😸 😸 😸 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤I love how he’s holding the kitten with his paw at the end as if he’s saying “Right, you’ve had your fun, now just stay still for a little bit. I’m tired.”So cute and funny the way the kitty plays with the wagging tail 😸😻 Bailey is very patient and tolerant as always. He’s just a dear sweetheart 👍❤🐾Thank you for the video! ❤ I genuinely just lost track of time watching these adorable friends playing and for a minute I forgot all about my anxiety and dark thoughts. Thank you.What sweet kittens, thanks so much for this video. What a fantastic guardian for the kittens Bailey is bless you Bailey 😁🤝Bailey is a beautiful and friendly dog. He has two nice and playful little friends, two sweet baby cats.❤️💓💖💗Bailey guapoooo dulce nobloteee!!!.Eres un remanso de PAZ y felicidad en este mundo tan revuelto y desgraciadamente tan lleno de situaciones inhumanas!!!.Yo quiero ser civilizada como “los animales”…Te achuchamos y al gatito con Amor.Desde Madrid (España).Graziella y familia.Wow Breathtaking watch Bailey and Tiny Kitty’s 🐶😻. Been watching Bailey since he was a tiny puppy 🐶 hisself now look how Handsome Bailey is a perfect brother ❤Adorable, como siempre, amoroso, enamorada de Bailey, que bueno y preciosooo es, y los gatitos que bonitoooss, como crecieron y como juegan con Bailey 🐶❤❤❤❤❤❤🐱🐱❤❤❤❤

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