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How a dog mother teaches her puppies to leave her in peace and stop drink milk

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This was the first trip with our 8 weeks old puppies with mother NOVA.While the puppies are following their mother and want to have some milk, NOVA tells them to stop it and leave her in peace. The reaction of the puppies is amazing!Enjoy and watch. If you like ths Video please feel free to share it!This is why it’s so important for puppies to stay with their dam until they are eight weeks old – they get their first important lessons in the concept of discipline from her. This girl is teaching her puppies that the world does not revolve around them, and that they are required to take orders from those further up the pack order – right now it’s her, soon it will be the humans of their foreverhomes. She does a wonderful job, and they get a valuable life lesson.I remember watching another video on here of another Golden Retriever mother REALLY growling and baring her teeth to her pups to let them know this wasn’t feeding time and they got the message a LOT quicker but in that video the dogs were in a small room.In this video the momma knows she could probably do the same thing as the other dog but she is outside with room to run so I’m sure she’s such a sweet dog that she thought maybe I can just keep outrunning them? 😂 but she underestimated the energy levels of puppys who see foodIt’s amazing that a human was present to capture this moment on video. The mother dog is so beautiful and smart, and knows instinctively how to help the puppies to become more independent. That is real love. ❤This is a very very good looking golden retriever. I’ve see so many examples of American goldens with hyper exaggerated floppy lips, shorter legs and huge body in general. It’s lovely to see a more proportionate animal.

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