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Mom Cat Shows Baby Kittens that Golden Retriever is Safe for Them

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That momma kitty is in absolute bliss. She has her babies, her owner and her best friend all at once. She couldn’t be anymore joyful. Complete harmony.And from that day forward, poor Bailey never had a minute’s peace. Those kitties were probably swarming all over him, and loving on him, every chance they got. 🥰It’s fascinating to me how deliberate the mother cat’s actions are – she is determined to make the golden retriever smell as close to her as possible. This tells me that she trusts the dog 100%.This was so adorable! Bailey looked so sad until Mama started including her, showing the babies that Bailey is safe and family. Loved the grin afterwards!!Bailey is just enjoying the moment. He has his human, kitty friend and new baby kitties to enjoy. This is a special moment for him I can just feel it.Cats are also communal brooders— babysitting is a big thing among groups of mama cats who trust each other. They’ll often all have babies at the same time and let their friends watch their babies— that’s why they’ll sometimes put their babies on their favorite humans. Mama cat has recruited this puppo to help babysit!All of our cats adore our dog Holly. She’s raised them all from kittens. We have a six week old kitten now & she and Holly are already inseparable.

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