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New Puppy Surprise Compilation 2023 | A Surprise Puppy on a friday!

Look after each other and love each other. you’ll have a friend for life ❤️06:40 I was thinking that pup looks cute right now but wait a year. I mean he is probably still going to be cute but you won’t want him in your lap. Then I remembered I have a St Bernard and two Bombay cats that are both a hair over 20lbs each so yeah, cute puppy. He’ll enjoy it.Puppies can be just the thing to teach children about responsibility, but they are a great source of love for anyone. We’ve got 8 furry doggy kids and everyone is precious to us. Hope these pups have a long and loving life with their huumans ❤I haven’t watched but the first “surprise”. I don’t have to watch any more to know that this is my favorite. When that Chocolate Lab puppy crawled into that young girl’s arms, a connection was made for a lifetime! I have owned many labs over my lifetime, and a Chocolate Lab female was one of my most recent memorable experiences. I cried.All those high pitch screams and voices,all those dogs are permanently damaged. Those parents that surprised their daughter should have included a real shirt. I dont think the boyfriend was stoked about his new puppy. Dragging himself in after a day with the little girl and her toys, he could hardly get in the house. lol

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