Cute Mİschevious dog/dogs Pretending My Golden Retriever Puppy Bite Hurt [Cuteness Overload]

Pretending My Golden Retriever Puppy Bite Hurt [Cuteness Overload]

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Actually works to train puppies not to bite. Using it now on my little terrier pup. I squeal like a hurt puppy when bites, then he stops with that SORRY look. When he licks, I praise and pet him, saying KISSES GOOD! Puppies are hardwired to understand when they hurt another being.Love it. My 2 year old dog just died 5 days ago and I am heartbroken. She just gave birth 3 weeks ago. When I see moments like this…I remember how she was. She was the best. RIP Isabella. My dear bella. Thank you for this video.Its so interesting how the puppy reacts to the idea you might be in pain and then backs off. With a pup like that i’d never go to work! 😍it’s actually really helpful when training dogs to make a pain sound when they bite, or bite a little too hard. that’s how puppies learn their own strength, and they will actually avoid doing things that cause pain during play.”Why is my teething toy making all these strange sounds??”Definatley a beautiful little golden puppy, my fav breed, hoping to get my own little buddy in the next year. 👍❤🐶🐶OMG cuteness overload. From the way she has placed herself on top of you with legs all stretched out she looks like a stuffed Golden. Absolutely precious little girl…great dogs, just like labs give you all that love. Enjoy her and thanks for chafing. ❤️

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