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Rescued sick dog with 5 puppies

This guy is an angel,but angels need wings to fly..And we can give him those wings by donating..He needs more monthly patreons!He has more than 100.000 subscribed here,and only 94 patrons!Can anyone spare 5 dollars a month to help with food and vet bills?PLEASE,click under the video and go to the patreons’ page,and it you can,let’s give this guy and his furry family a real hand..🙏🙏🙏The eyes. The change in the eyes of rescue cats and dogs from before to after rescue is so huge. They just can’t make it without people. I have so much respect for the people who do this work.Muchas gracias por salvar a está hermosa mamá y, a sus pequeñitos, por darles cuidado y amor; Dios los bendiga grandemente y abundantemente y puedan seguir con esta loable labor rescatando a seres tan indefensos y vulnerables.You guys are heroes plain and simple. I’ve just donated via PayPal and sincerely hope you’re getting the support and Awww you are Angel’s, saving these poor abandoned dogs…breaks my heart to see them like this, they would’ve died if not for your kind, beautiful hearts…💜I will be donating…I love you all for saving these beautiful dogs…🙏💜🙏

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