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Sleepy Puppy falls asleep on baby

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Who else is randomly getting this recommended to them 8 years laterIt’s like the pup is curling up with one of it’s siblings. I’m sure that your baby will treasure this video in years to comeI love how she got sleepy waiting for the baby to wake up and play, so she started to fight the sleepies, but at the end she’s like “you know what? u right.” and settles for nap time. What I love about this video, is that the puppy, despite his age, feels a sense of responsibility towards the baby and can’t abandon his post even though he is exhausted. True loyalty and a future best friend.AWWWWWWW that’s really sweet , it left me speechless the way that puppy fell asleep on that baby , sooooo cute Both of them congratulations to the family and happy holidays .

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