Cute Mİschevious Cat/Cats Stalker Trouble? – Cats want Human Companionship Every Time, Every Where – Cat and Human Moments

Stalker Trouble? – Cats want Human Companionship Every Time, Every Where – Cat and Human Moments

My cat plays tag with me. He tries to hide behind a tree or under a car and patiently waits until I am in striking range. He jumps out and either attacks my shoe lace or does a half hearted attempt to pounce on my leg as I walk by but whatever he does…he disappears like greased lighting if I try to pet him….luv my Charlie…😊My cat has separation anxiety so anytime I go anywhere i have to take them with me in a little backpack that has windows so they can observe the world. She’s a sweet heart who loves being outsideI inherited a lovely cat from owners who abandoned her when they moved house. She sleeps on my lap after a hard day and occasionally sleeps on my neck at night!My adorable cats have two opposite personalities, as all animals have, it means they have sensitivity and intelligence, sometimes more than human beings. Rufus (“ginger-haired” in Latin) is a territorial cat, but sweet and lazy, like a male lion.Fender (she speaks a lot and her voice sounds like an electric guitar) is very smart and interactive.She says CIAO (hallo in Italian) MAMMA and PAPPA (food in Italian). Both are abandoned European cats.I really couldn’t live without them. Nice video! A big hug to anybody who likes cats and animals in general 🥰🥰🥰After many years having just one cat, now I have three and it is a great pleasure to be with them. The youngest is a half year old and was born in my homeMy kitten is 5 weeks old, i recently adopted her from neglecting owners, when we arrived, I fed her Tuna, let her sleep on my bed and since then, she doesn’t want to sleep anywhere else so she’ll beg until you let her on the bed then peacefully sleep with you, I love my cat, can’t wait to see how she’ll be when she grows up, other then that, me and my cat both have human-like actions❤️✌️

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