Cute Mİschevious Uncategorized Tiny Kitten Demands Attention from German Shepherd

Tiny Kitten Demands Attention from German Shepherd

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Rocky you’re so gentle and sweet with kittens. You’re such a good boy RockyRocky peluche gigante noble, dulce, gentil, tierno y delicado con esa gota de minino que no puede ni con él mismo… Ternura total 🥰🤗🐕🐅Rocky tan pero tan hermoso❤. Lo amo mucho!Y Jessie??? Qué le ha sucedido a Jessie?😢 No está más Jessie?😢He could gobble him up in just a single bite, instead look at him. The daftest and most docile dog ever, who’s fallen under the kitten’s spell.Just the wonderful picture you need to start your day ROCKY and your adorable itsy bisty you my friend is just an amazing friend patient loving and gentle have a nice day 🙏❤🐈🐕👌🕊😍🎇

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