What Causes Murmur in Babies, How Is It Treated?

Especially for the answer to the question of what causes murmur in  newborn  babies , it should be known that murmur is one of the frequently encountered situations. Generally, mothers who come to the cardiology department are impatient and waiting for the result after the cardiological treatment and examination. These diseases often cause a lot of worry and anxiety for parents.

However, this is not a disease that will cause harm or frightening results over time. It is also one of the diseases that can go away on its own or can be managed with a drug treatment if the doctor deems it necessary. For this reason, especially the mother should be calm about this issue and maintain such suspicion under the supervision of a doctor.

What Causes Murmurs in Babies – What is a Murmur? 

Scientifically, we can say: The sound between heart accents is called a murmur. Generally, the word murmur is encountered as one of the most common diseases in children, such as to excite the mother or father, and to develop gta and children. Some types of murmur, also called innocent kisses, can occur without causing any of them or during febrile illness.

It also manifests as the flow of blood within the heart. It can be said. Although it is generally perceived as a disease, it is an examination finding, not a disease. A sound that is different from the sound of a normal heart is called a murmur. This may indicate a heart disease, or it may appear as an innocent and unproblematic condition. Among the causes of murmur,  multiple different results can be counted.

How to Treat Murmur in Babies ?

No treatment method is applied for the innocent murmur, which is usually seen in children and infants. This condition will resolve spontaneously around the age of 7 years. For this, the doctor will not need any follow-up or the use of medication.

However, if there is a murmur disease that may cause a different cause, it is treated and followed up regularly. Or, if a murmur is heard due to a heart hole, the murmur problem will disappear after the hole is surgically closed. The cause of the murmur in the children’s heart is determined by the examination of the doctor. The treatment of murmur in infants  also varies depending on what type of mode it is. Therefore especially. The doctor’s diagnosis should be adhered to.

Does a Heart Murmur Harm Advanced Children? 

Here, depending on which type the child is disturbed, the doctor should diagnose it. Depending on the severity, the doctor will advise you for follow-up or treatment. However, if there is no problem in this regard, there is nothing to worry about in this case. Sometimes a newborn baby may not hear a murmur, even if the heart disease is serious.

In particular, a heart murmur may also be seen as an examination finding in infants or older children. Although heart  murmur  is not harmful, it can also be a symptom of another disease, so doctor control is very important. In such cases, the child should be followed up regularly.

What Should Babies with Heart Murmur Pay Attention to? 

The heart and its version can occur for different reasons, as well as for simple or harmless reasons. If there is an innocent murmur, there will be no restriction or interference with the child’s life. However, if this situation has developed due to a systemic disease, the doctor’s recommendation should not be abandoned. Necessary measures should be taken regularly for its treatment and follow-up.

At this point, one of the most important things is to determine the underlying disease of this murmur well. The most important thing to pay attention to in babies with murmurs is the treatment methods and regular follow-up. Thus, the problem will disappear.


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