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When the Dog at the adoption center chooses you

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This really makes me happy 😊. Every animal deserves to be in a good home with a loving familyI wish I had taken video of our new dog at the shelter. She had been owned by a hoarder who had 25 pets in her trailer. She was 6 lbs and so skinny. She immediately lit up and was as loving as possible when we met her. She’s been the kindest most appreciative being ever since. 5 years now, 12 lbs and 7 years old, loves peace, quiet and pettingTwo of the five dogs we had in the family over the years were shelter vets, unwanted or abandoned by prior owners. They were all loyal and affectionate, and magnificent. I think a pound dog appreciates a family more than we will ever know. Those wagging tails and soulful eyes tell us so. God bless.As a child this adorable kitty came into our yard for a week. Our rescue dog was welcoming her in no problem. I continued to ask my mother if we could adopt her and she said the kitty has to belong to another family.We called around town and no one claimed her. That was the beginning of our 18+ years with her.She was one of our favorite cats. We loved all our animals but there’s always a few that are magical angels.😊🙌🏼💕This DEFINITELY happened to me! I was looking for a dog after my husband passed away, so I went w/my brother to our local SPCA and walked around looking at all the dogs they had up for adoption. I looked at the dog I have now, but wanted to see what my options were, however I ended up back at the first dog pen & went in. First thing she did was squat on the floor & peed in front of me out of sheet excitement; then she stuck her nose in my crotch and took a deep whiff; then she licked me on my cheek and that tail was wagging 50 mph – once she did that, I was sold! I told the employee, “Ok, I’ll take this one!” And she’s been with me ever since. Dogs know who will take care of them, make no mistake about that. It’s been almost 5 years now since we adopted each other and I can’t imagine my life w/o her in it.

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