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When your dog loves your boyfriend more than you 😂

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I became the third wheel in my dog and husband relationship. Are you in the exact same situation?Dog’s heart is very spacious, but your boyfriend is the only one allowed in!Enjoy the video! This reminds me of my ex girlfriend dog(female). She would cling to me like anything. Sometimes I felt she did this to everyone. But later on she completely rejected her new boyfriend, I realised that I was special to her. I still see her sometimes and send her gifts on her birthdays. Last time I met her she almost cried when I left. To be honest it felt more like I was in a relationship with her than my ex.😂😂😂We have the same thing with our bunnies. The female in particular, loves to cuddle up with me in preference to the kids and my wife (to their ongoing horror) and always runs up to the front of her space when I walk by. Of course I find this completely understandable… hehe, but our breeder did say that animals often gravitate to the biggest male in the household – the deeper voice, height etc., being points of reference. Whatever the reason, I’m certainly appreciating all the affection and can’t help but feel a bit smug at times. Is that wrong? 🙂 Cheers – DaveMy boyfriend and I have been together for almost 9 years and he got his dog after we were already together. That dog sees my truck and we would run straight up to it 😂 I remember his daddy picked him up from the groomers and he was so upset that when he saw me, he jumped off of his lap, through the window and in my arms 😂❤ love that dogMy dog used to go crazy when i told him we were going to grandma’s house. I would have to get completely ready to walk out the door before telling him, else it would take me longer to get ready did to his excitement😂❤

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